The following are selected accounts of key TOA clients
and their collaboration with TOA principals.Specific references are available where appropriate.

A family-owned educational services corporation was assisted in co-evolving both from the first to the second generation of leadership and from a traditional functional structure to a matrix organization. This consultation involved both serving as an advisosr to the owners, a coach to the family as a group, and as a board member in professionalizing the governance and structure.

A multi-billion-dollar manufacturing firm changed its organization structure but did not engage its leaders and followers in changing the culture. The consultation involved facilitating the appropriate changes in leadership style and collaborative mechanisms so that the required alignment of structural units was created.There was a parallel process of intensive senior executive coaching to assist in the development of this new leadership style that aligned with the new structure.

A multi-billion-dollar information technology firm engaged TOA principals to asssit key project leaders in learning how to engage clients in a collaborative fashion. The project involved customized executive education for the project leaders and coaching as they implemented those skills.

A fourth generation family business faced a leadership crisis that was defused and transformed into a decision to divest the business and redeploy the assets into a new family venture.

The most extensive strategic alliance in the food industry engaged TOA to assist it in creating the next generation of alliance leaders and in changing its governance structure to address its emerging global challenges. The project involved both executive coaching and organization restructuring.

A traditional consumer goods company decided to spin off one third of its workforce into a new venture. TOA principals coached the leadership of the new venture in conducting highly intensive collaborative design workshops which engaged over 1000 of the employees in co-designing the new structure, strategy, and reward systems for the new venture.

This regionally oriented trade association was evolving from a fragmented three-hundred-firm entity into a concentrated industry with a few key players. TOA assisted both the association leadership and the member firm ownership in considering the strategic challenges of ownership, divestment, and firm leadership style.

A rapidly growing IT based closely held firm was approaching a leadership succession event without a clear process. TOA principals facilitated a rapid transiton predicated on a successful new product launch led by the heir apparent.

This professional sports franchise was acquired by a TOA client and TOA provided leadership transition services which included the establishment of a corporate university offering intensive training to all employees in leadership and client relations.

This multi-billion-dollar family corporation was assisted for several years by T OA principals in improving family cohesion, business leadership, and family/professional management relationships.

This rapidly growing information technology organization was attempting to transform from a centralized to a decentralized structure. TOA consultants developed a scenario-based strategic planning system which identified the key skills in which the decentralized leaders were trained in a series of action learning workshops.

This international labor union faced the loss of its main employer and engaged TOA to assist it in developing a strategic plan f or the continuation of this employer’s business, including a restructuring of the labor contract into a team system which served successfully to attract new ownership.

A multi-billion-dollar manufacturing firm wanted to bring its leadership development and succession planning into the next century. TOA co-designed and implemented a benchmarking investigation to bring learning from the best leadership development programs in the Fortune 500 into the client’s own practice.

A dynamic not-for-profit with the dual challenge of raising funds and delivering healthcare services has benefited from a long-term, multi-role advisory relationship with TOA principals. Services ranging from executive coaching, board and governance facilitation, skills training, and organization transition have helped the organization more than triple in size and professionalize its effectiveness.

A major pharmaceutical firm had charged its knowledge management group with engaging internal clients in sharing know-how. TOA conducted workshops in which the group’s leaders developed a variety of story-based approaches to marketing and enhancing the transfer of knowledge across the international system.